the chıef ınspector muzaffer – veıl of secrets

Nothing can stay hidden forever.

After smoking cigarettes in a row, he started digging again. The more he dug, the more his dog barked. Before long, he saw a piece of bone in the ground. He left a shovel-like piece of iron in his hand. He pulled the bone fragment out of the ground. He had no idea whether it was a human bone or not. He left the bone fragment in his hand on the upper part of the pit.

He continued digging some more.

Then he saw another bone fragment.

Then one more and Muzaffer stopped digging.

His dog continued to bark while trying to dig up other spots.

He took out his cigarette from his pocket. He sat down next to the piece of hole he had dug. He picked up his phone and called the homicide bureau.


Hours passed now. He turned his head back to the excavated places. This naturally beautiful place that he saw when he first arrived had turned into a huge cemetery.

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